Partners complement our software by adding value through domain knowledge and subject matter expertise, systems integration and architecture, data management skills and third-party products.

Our program in the region brings together a blend of local and global Partners who play an important role in our GO TO market strategy. There are a bunch of Consulting firms, integrators and technology companies that have made significant efforts to create join capabilities with our technology and solutions.


GDS Modellica´s endeavour is to facilitate and make daily decisioning management process easy for our customers. Irrespective of whether originations, customer management or fraud, today’s companies expect the same level of automatization, consistence and tradability.

The objective is to continue to be the target “decision management company” natural choice by providing high performance in software and services, all linked to an unsurpassed best practices practice.

Read about innovative approaches, best practices, superb ROI and important success stories that customers have achieved using GDS MODELLICA consulting, software and solutions.


“This upgrade of our credit origination processes will enable us deliver even better service to our customers…”

Because they were facing difficulties, complex cases, challenges and other obstacles to the good development of the business, our customers have used the GDS MODELLICA services and solutions to solve their problems and work in a better environment.





Global Bank Implements GDS MODELLICA for IFRS9